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BrewDog Advent Calendar

BrewDog Advent Calendar

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Introducing the Brewdog Advent Calendar 2024, the ultimate holiday countdown for beer enthusiasts! Packed with 24 carefully curated beers, including 11 exclusive brews, this calendar is a must-have for the Christmas season. From refreshing IPAs and Pale Ales to indulgent stouts and exciting collaborations, each day brings a new flavor adventure. Discover 14 brand new beers for 2024, 6 special releases for this Christmas, and 4 online exclusives. Don't wait, grab yours now before it's gone!

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Introducing the BrewDog advent calendar for 2023! This incredible beer-filled calendar is packed with 24 unbelievable craft beers. Inside, you'll find 11 new beers, 6 exclusive brews from the BrewDog Online Shop, and 2 beers that are only available in this advent calendar.

The variety of beers in this year's calendar is truly amazing. From vibrant IPAs and Pale Ales to decadent stouts and exciting collaborations, there's something for every beer lover. And the best part? You'll discover 11 brand new beers for 2023!

But wait, there's more! BrewDog is committed to putting the planet first. They now remove twice as much carbon from the atmosphere as they emit each year, and they're working towards zero emissions.

If you want to know the full list of beers included in this advent calendar, check out the "CALENDAR CONTAINS" tab. Unfortunately, the value of the products is not disclosed.

You can purchase this advent calendar from Amazon or directly from BrewDog. Currently, there are no promo or discount codes available for this calendar, but you can find other advent calendars with discount codes on our website.

Get ready to enjoy an amazing beer experience with the BrewDog advent calendar 2023!

The BrewDog Advent Calendar Contains

Introducing the BrewDog Advent Calendar 2022, a must-have for craft beer enthusiasts. This calendar is packed with 24 unbelievable craft beers, including some exclusive Advent calendar releases that you won't find anywhere else.

Experience the Albino Squid Assassin, a Red rye IPA with a pithiness from US hops, complemented by caramel and toffee flavors. Hop Fiction is an explosively tropical American Pale Ale featuring a trio of US hops. Just Desserts is a full-bodied and smooth beer with hints of vanilla, toffee, and pecan. Hazy Helles is a filtered crafty innovation with herbal and citric hops. And to make your jingle beers even merrier, we've included an exclusive Festive Glass.

But that's not all! We're also introducing some exciting new beers for 2022. Cold Beer is a lightly hopped and malted pale ale with a crisp, clean finish. Almost Famous is an IPA that showcases stone fruit, fresh grass, and citrus flavors. Candy Kittens is a pink salute to gourmet gummies, with notes of guava and raspberry. Puppet Master is a West Coast IPA with citrus, resin, pine, and grapefruit notes. And Silk Road is an opaque and bright beer with rich aromas of mango, lychee, and citrus.

Our seasonal selection includes Mail order Martian, a beer that combines mango and stone fruit with kiwi and lychee for a smooth oat landing. 5AM Saint is a five-malt 5% ale with a seven-strong dry hop regime. Hoppy Xmas is a Simcoe sled ride with a sack-load of citrus flavor. Cold Front is a crisp and fresh Vienna-style lager with hints of oranges and lemons. And Cake Cartel is a slice of liquid indulgence, with notes of hazelnut and praline.

Of course, we couldn't forget our headliner beers. Punk IPA is a light, golden classic with new world hops that create an explosion of flavor. Last Lager is a planet-first Pilsner brewed using wind power and a third less water. Hazey Jane is an unfiltered IPA with notes of mango, pineapple, stone fruit, and tangerine. Elvis Juice is a beer with a caramel malt base that supports a citrus grapefruit overload. And Planet Pale is a sessionable Pale Ale with citrus notes that give way to mellow tropical fruits.

And let's not overlook our core beers. H