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Advent Calendars UK

Woozel Goozle Advent Calendar

Woozel Goozle Advent Calendar

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Introducing the WOOZLE GOOZLE advent calendar, the ultimate treat for young enthusiasts! Packed with 24 delightful surprises centered around figures, accessories, puzzles, and exciting experiences, this 2024 edition is a must-have. With a handy removable parent information sheet, moms and dads can easily keep track of the calendar's contents. Let your little ones revel in the joy of anticipation as they uncover new surprises throughout the advent season.

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The Woozel Goozle Advent Calendar 2023 is filled with exciting surprises for Christmas. Each day, children will be delighted by 24 wonderful contents that will make their eyes sparkle. This toy calendar is suitable for children over 3 years old. Unfortunately, the specific value of the content in this advent calendar is not disclosed.

The Woozel Goozle Advent Calendar Contains

Introducing the Woozel Goozle Advent Calendar, the perfect treat for kids this holiday season! Unveil a new surprise every day with 24 exciting goodies, including puzzles and unforgettable experiences. The content value of this advent calendar is kept under wraps, ensuring an element of surprise and delight for your little ones. Get ready to make their countdown to Christmas extra special with the Woozel Goozle Advent Calendar!