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Tinc Stationery Advent Calendar

Tinc Stationery Advent Calendar

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Count down to Christmas with the Tinc Kids Advent Calendar! This calendar is packed with 24 exciting and practical gifts, perfect for the little ones. Each day brings a new surprise, from exclusive treats to stationery and gadgets, all featuring hilarious designs. Get ready for a month of festive fun and laughter!

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Introducing the Tinc Stationery advent calendar 2023! This calendar is perfect for kids and families to get creative this Christmas. It includes a variety of Christmas-themed stationery items and gifts that can be enjoyed all year round. Plus, there's an exciting picture puzzle to make once you've opened every box! Inside, you'll find premium and practical products that both kids and parents can enjoy at school or at home. All the accessories in this calendar feature funny designs, and you'll even discover some cool gadgets. The contents of this advent calendar are worth £50. Check out the full content in the SPOILER tab.

The Tinc Stationery Advent Calendar Contains

Introducing the 2022 Tinc Stationery Advent Calendar! This incredible advent calendar is filled with a variety of exciting stationery items that are perfect for both kids and adults. Unwrap the joy of the holiday season with the following items:

- Sprout Multi-Biro Pen: A versatile pen that features multiple colors in one convenient tool.
- Monster Sharpener: Make sharpening pencils a fun and playful experience with this adorable monster-shaped sharpener.
- Reindeer Eraser: Erase mistakes with style using this cute reindeer-shaped eraser.
- Squishy Toy: Squeeze and play with this delightful squishy toy, perfect for relieving stress.
- Sticky Notes: Keep your notes organized and easily accessible with these colorful sticky notes.
- Maze Pen: Challenge yourself with a maze while writing with this unique pen.
- Lolly Highlighter: Add a pop of color to your notes with this sweet lolly-shaped highlighter.
- Stacking Crayon: Enjoy a variety of colors in one compact crayon with this stacking crayon set.
- Folding Ruler: Measure with ease and convenience using this handy folding ruler.
- Click Torch: Illuminate your path with this compact and portable click torch.
- Triangle Highlighter: Highlight important information with precision using this triangular-shaped highlighter.
- Lanyard: Keep your keys or ID card close at hand with this stylish lanyard.
- Tree Eraser: Celebrate the holiday season with this festive tree-shaped eraser.
- Tape Measure: Measure objects of various sizes with this practical tape measure.
- Bendy Eraser: Have fun shaping and bending this eraser to fit your needs.
- Yoyo: Show off your skills with this classic yoyo toy.
- Dinosaur Keyring: Add a touch of prehistoric charm to your keys with this dinosaur-shaped keyring.
- Popping Pen: Experience a satisfying popping sensation while writing with this unique pen.
- Magic Flannel: Watch as this flannel magically expands when placed in water.
- PVC Paper Ring: Keep your papers organized with this durable PVC paper ring.
- Tile Puzzle: Challenge your mind with this engaging tile puzzle.
- Snowman Eraser: Embrace the winter spirit with this adorable snowman-shaped eraser.
- Tinsel Pom Pom Pencil: Write in style with this festive tinsel pom pom pencil.
- Glow Watch: Stay on time even in the dark with this glow-in-the-dark watch.