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Super Mario Advent Calendar

Super Mario Advent Calendar

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Get ready for the holiday season with the Super Mario Advent Calendar, exclusively available for a limited time in 2024! This special edition calendar includes 24 beloved Super Mario characters and accessories, including the first-ever releases of Santa Mario, Snowman Mario, Snowman Luigi, and many more. Each day, you'll uncover a surprise figure or accessory hidden behind a numbered door, adding excitement and anticipation to your countdown to Christmas. Don't miss out on this festive gaming collectible. Compare prices now by clicking the link provided.

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The Super Mario Advent Calendar 2023 is a holiday-themed calendar filled with surprises for fans of the popular Super Mario Bros. franchise. Each day, you can reveal a 2.5 inch scale figure or accessory to start or add to your collection. The calendar includes 24 popular Super Mario characters and accessories.

Not only does this advent calendar provide fun surprises, but it also features holiday-themed packaging that allows you to open up the front panel and use the pop-up environment to create your own Christmas scene. It's a great gift for Super Mario fans of all ages.

Count down the days until Christmas by revealing a new figure or accessory each day. The calendar includes 8 articulated 6.3cm action figures and 16 accessories. It also features three limited edition characters: Santa Super Mario, Mario, and Snowman Luigi.

Display your favorite characters using the pop-up environment pieces to create your own scene. Each numbered door in the calendar contains a figurine or accessory from the Super Mario video games. The calendar is suitable for ages 3 and up.

Unfortunately, there is currently no promo or discount code available for this advent calendar. However, you can check out other advent calendars with discount codes on our website.

The Super Mario Advent Calendar 2023 will soon be available on Amazon.

The Super Mario Advent Calendar Contains

Introducing the Super Mario Advent Calendar 2022! Get ready to embark on a thrilling holiday journey with 24 beloved Super Mario characters and accessories. This incredible advent calendar features 8 articulated figures, each measuring 6cm in height. Plus, it includes three limited edition special characters: Santa Super Mario, Mario, and Snowman Luigi. With an additional 16 accessories, this advent calendar is packed with surprises and endless fun. Don't miss out on the excitement! Please note that the content value of the advent calendar for 2021 has not been disclosed.