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Selfridges Mini Mince Pie Advent Calendar

Selfridges Mini Mince Pie Advent Calendar

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Introducing Selfridges Selection's Mince Pie Advent Calendar! Experience the joy of indulging in a different mini festive pastry every day leading up to Christmas. With extraordinary flavors like classic, citrus, almond, and chocolate, this calendar is a true delight. And if you can resist devouring them all at once, a mini Meg Rivers Christmas cake awaits you on the 25th day. Get ready to countdown to Christmas with this delectable treat.

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The 2023 Selfridges mini mince pie advent calendar is not currently available. However, you can explore the contents of the latest advent calendar. This calendar offers a delightful assortment of mini mince pies in various flavors, including traditional, chocolate, and citrus. Additionally, if you can resist temptation until the 25th, you will be rewarded with a mini Meg Rivers Christmas cake for an extra treat on Christmas Day. Get ready to kick off the festivities with this irresistible advent calendar! Please note that the exact value of the foodie advent calendar contents for 2023 has not been disclosed.

The Selfridges Mini Mince Pie Advent Calendar Contains

Introducing the 2020 Selfridges mini mince pie Advent Calendar! Uncover a delightful surprise behind each door of this foodie advent calendar. Discover a variety of specially flavored mince pies that you probably never knew existed. Alongside the traditional recipe, indulge in the delectable flavors of almond, chocolate, and citrus. And on the big day, prepare to be spoiled with a slice of delicious Christmas cake. Get ready for a mouthwatering countdown to Christmas! Please note that the content value of the 2021 advent calendar is currently not disclosed.