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Science Tricks Advent Calendar 2024

Science Tricks Advent Calendar 2024

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Introducing the captivating Science Tricks advent calendar, perfect for young science enthusiasts! Uncover a thrilling experiment in each box, guaranteeing hours of engagement for both boys and girls. This incredible calendar features experiments from diverse Scientific Fields like Chemistry, Biology, Mechanics, Optics, and Magnetics. Rest assured, all essential components are included, along with a detailed illustrated manual offering simple step-by-step instructions. Don't forget to explore our other 5 versions of this advent calendar (see description) for even more excitement!

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Introducing the Science Tricks Advent Calendar 2023! Unleash your child's curiosity with 24 exciting scientific experiments hidden in each box. Designed to engage young science enthusiasts for hours, this calendar features experiments from various scientific fields such as Chemistry, Biology, Mechanics, Optics, and Magnetics.

Not only does it come with all the necessary components, but it also includes a detailed illustrated manual with easy step-by-step instructions. Perfect for providing a digital detox and a mindfulness hobby, this advent calendar makes the best Christmas gift to share with grandparents, friends, and family.

The experiments can be carried out without any prior knowledge, making it a great gift idea for girls and boys from 8 to adolescents. The contents of this advent calendar are kept a surprise, adding to the excitement of each day.

In addition to the Science Tricks Advent Calendar 2023, we also offer other versions such as the Shocking Science, DIY Arts & Crafts, Family Games, Magic & Tricks, and Amazing Magic advent calendars.

Please note that there is currently no available discount code for the Science Tricks Advent Calendar. However, you can find discount codes for other advent calendars on our website.

The Science Tricks Advent Calendar 2023 is already available on Amazon, so start exploring the wonders of science today!

The Science Tricks Advent Calendar 2024 Contains

Introducing the 2022 Science Tricks Advent Calendar! This incredible advent calendar is packed with exciting science experiments from a range of scientific fields including Chemistry, Biology, Mechanics, Optics, and Magnetics. Designed for children aged 8 and above, this calendar is the perfect way to engage young minds and foster a love for science. While we can't provide specific details about the content just yet, rest assured that each experiment is carefully curated to provide educational and entertaining experiences. Unlock the wonders of science with this advent calendar and ignite a passion for discovery in your child. The value of the content in this advent calendar for 2022 is currently undisclosed.