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Discover the Schleich FARM WORLD Advent calendar, filled with delightful surprises hidden behind 24 charming doors! Each meticulously crafted Schleich figure encourages educational and imaginative play. Choose from various versions of this enchanting advent calendar.

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Introducing the Schleich FARM WORLD Advent calendar (98271)! This calendar is perfect for kids aged 3-8 and includes 24 little doors with fantastic surprises behind them, making the wait for the big celebration much more exciting. Inside, you'll find a variety of great animals and accessories that provide hours of playing fun. The content of this calendar can also be combined with the farm world, allowing for even more creative play. Each Schleich figure is meticulously modeled in detail, promoting educational and valuable play experiences for children. In addition, this set includes 9 animals and wonderful farm-themed accessories. Explore the full content of this calendar in the "CALENDAR CONTAINS" tab. Don't forget to check out other available versions, such as the Schleich Horse Club 2023 (94642), Schleich Dinosaurs 2023 (98644), Calendrier de l'Avent Schleich Wild Life (98270), and Calendrier de l'Avent Schleich Horse 2021 (98270).

The Schleich Contains

Introducing the 2021 Schleich - Farm World (98271) Advent Calendar! This delightful advent calendar is filled with 24 days of surprise themed Farm goodies. Each day, you'll discover a new surprise, including a boy figurine, a shih tzu maltese mix, a lamb, a calf, a chick, a Siamese cat, a kitten, a goat kid, a guinea pig, a hedgehog, a seesaw, a dog blanket, a bowl, a bone, a red apple, lettuce, a zinc tub, a bucket, a dog basket, a fodder crate, a feeding bottle, potatoes, and carrots. The content value of this advent calendar for 2021 is not disclosed. Get ready for a farm-tastic holiday season with this amazing advent calendar!