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Race Cars Advent Calendar 2024 24 Mini Car Figures For Child

Race Cars Advent Calendar 2024 24 Mini Car Figures For Child

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Get ready for the holiday season with the Race Cars Advent Calendar! Each day leading up to Christmas, your child will be delighted with a surprise car. This toy advent calendar includes 24 mini brand car figures, perfect for both boys and girls. Watch as your child races their friends or engages in imaginative play with these awesome pull back cars. Not only will they have a blast, but they'll also enhance their vocabulary, hand-eye coordination, and storytelling abilities. Give the gift of joy and skill development this Christmas with the Race Cars Advent Calendar.

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Introducing the Race Cars Advent Calendar 2023! This amazing calendar will bring joy to your children every day leading up to Christmas. Behind each door, they will discover 24 unique and cool race pull back cars. With lifelike designs, this calendar will help your kids recognize a variety of race cars. The cars are also perfectly sized for small hands, making it easy for your children to pull them back and watch them zoom forward. This toy advent calendar is sure to provide your kids with endless entertainment throughout the day.

Who is this advent calendar for? It's the perfect gift for children who love playing with toys and collecting items and figures. It will inspire their creativity and imagination, allowing them to create new stories and adventures. Whether they race with friends or engage in role-play, these cool pull back cars will enhance their vocabulary development, hand-eye coordination, and pretend play skills. This advent calendar is suitable for toddlers, kids, boys, and girls.

The contents of this advent calendar are not disclosed, but rest assured that it offers great value with its assortment of different car figurines. Unfortunately, there are no promo or discount codes available for this calendar at the moment. However, you can find other advent calendars with discount codes on our website.

The Race Cars Advent Calendar is already available, so don't wait to get your hands on it!

The Race Cars Advent Calendar 2024 24 Mini Car Figures For Child Contains

Introducing the Race Cars Advent Calendar 2022! This exciting toy advent calendar is perfect for kids who love cars. Inside, you'll find 24 mini brand car figures to add to your collection.

The set includes:
- 5 red cars
- 2 green cars
- 4 yellow cars
- 2 purple cars
- 3 black cars
- 5 blue cars

Please note that we currently have limited information about the specific content of this advent calendar. However, you can refer to the pictures for a closer look. The value of the content is not disclosed.

Don't miss out on this thrilling advent calendar filled with mini race cars. Order yours today!