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Introducing the thrilling "Jewel Thief Police Operation" advent calendar! Unveil a dazzling array of twenty-four surprise items, each day bringing you closer to Christmas. Experience the excitement of a high-stakes police chase and capture as you uncover all the pieces. And as an added bonus, the included safe doubles as a piggy bank for an extra surprise. Get ready for an unforgettable holiday adventure!

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The Playmobil advent calendar for 2023, titled "Jewel Thief Police Operation (9007)," is currently unavailable. However, you can explore the contents of the latest advent calendar.

The Playmobil package includes two mini figures - a policeman and a thief. The thief is equipped with tools to break into a safe, while the policeman must chase him down on his motorcycle before he can escape.

The advent calendar features twenty-four surprise items, including glittering trinkets, that can be revealed each day leading up to Christmas. Once all the pieces are revealed, kids can act out an exciting police chase and capture scenario.

Additionally, the included safe can be used as a piggy bank, adding an extra surprise element to the advent calendar. This Playmobil advent calendar is suitable for children aged 4 to 10.

The specific value of the content in this advent calendar for 2023 has not been disclosed.

The Playmobil Contains

Introducing the 2020 Playmobil - Jewel Thief Police Operation Advent Calendar! This incredible set includes a captivating backdrop, two detailed figures, a realistic jewelry case, a sleek police motorcycle, shiny gold bars, money, handcuffs, a wanted poster, a functioning safe, and a plethora of other exciting accessories. Unveil a new surprise every day leading up to Christmas! Please note that the content value of the advent calendar for 2021 has not been disclosed. Get ready for an action-packed holiday season with Playmobil!