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Newby Advent Calendar

Newby Advent Calendar

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Introducing the Newby Advent Calendar! Unveil a delightful surprise every day with 24 exquisite teas and tisanes from the Newby collection. Each drawer holds a unique blend, ranging from the fruity Oriental Sencha to the creamy Milk Oolong and the comforting Masala Chai. Experience a world of flavors and make your Advent season truly special with this exceptional tea collection.

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Introducing the Newby Advent Calendar 2023! Brighten up your mornings, noons, and evenings with a new brew from behind each little door. Whether you prefer black, green, oolong, or herbal infusions, this calendar has 24 reasons to put the kettle on. And don't forget to have a pack of festive biscuits waiting too!

This tea advent calendar is the perfect gift for the tea lovers in your family. Instead of traditional chocolates, you can celebrate the 'days of Christmas' with a cup of tea. Discover the full content of the calendar in the "CALENDAR CONTAINS" tab.

Who is the Newby Advent Calendar for? It's ideal for tea enthusiasts who enjoy trying new teas and flavors. It's also a great gift idea for those who appreciate the quality of Newby tea and enjoy exploring new aromas. Additionally, people on a diet will appreciate this calendar as teas and herbal infusions are delicious and healthy drinks to help stay fit.

The value of the products in this advent calendar, which includes 24 tea bags of different aromas, is not disclosed. Unfortunately, there is no promo or discount code available for this advent calendar at the moment. However, you can find other advent calendars with discount codes by following the link provided.

The Newby Advent Calendar 2023 is already available for purchase.

The Newby Advent Calendar Contains

Introducing the Newby London 2022 Advent Calendar! This delightful Tea Advent Calendar is filled with 24 individually wrapped teabags of your favorite blends. From classic choices like Assam, Ceylon, and Darjeeling to popular options like Earl Grey and English Breakfast, this calendar has it all. Experience the refreshing taste of Green Lemon and Green Sencha, or indulge in the rich flavors of Indian Breakfast and Masala Chai. For a unique twist, try the Milk Oolong or Moroccan Mint. The Oriental Sencha, Peppermint, and Pride of Africa teas are sure to please, while the Rooibos Orange, Rosehip & Hibiscus, and Strawberry & Mango blends offer a fruity delight. And don't miss out on the refreshing Summer Berries and Verbena teas. Get ready to enjoy a different tea every day leading up to Christmas. The content value of this advent calendar for 2022 is not disclosed.