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Melt Advent Calendar

Melt Advent Calendar

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Indulge in a chocolate lover's dream with the plastic-free Melt London advent calendar. This unique calendar showcases iconic British homes like Pineapple House and Chiswick House, offering a delightful surprise behind each door. From mouthwatering treats to luxurious hot chocolates, organettes, and gianduja spread, this calendar is the perfect way to countdown to the holidays while satisfying your sweet tooth. Get ready to embark on a delicious chocolate-filled journey!

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Introducing the Melt London Selection Advent Calendar 2023! Indulge in a daily, decadent treat as you count down to Christmas with this luxurious chocolate advent calendar. Packed with extraordinary flavors, including fresh chocolate bonbons, orangettes, and the perfect nuttiness of gianduja terrines, this calendar is a must-have for all adults, chocolate lovers, and fans of Melt London. Whether you're a foodie or simply have a sweet tooth, you're sure to love this advent calendar. While the one-door-a-day policy may be tempting to break, you can find the full content of the calendar in the CALENDAR CONTAINS tab. The value of the products included in the calendar is not disclosed, but rest assured, it's worth every bite. Unfortunately, there are no available promo or discount codes at the moment, but keep an eye out for other Advent Calendars with discount codes. The Melt London Advent Calendar 2023 will be released soon, so get ready to treat yourself to a month of chocolatey bliss.

The Melt Advent Calendar Contains

Introducing the 2022 Melt London Advent Calendar! This must-have advent calendar is perfect for all the foodies out there. Packed with 24 delectable and fresh chocolates crafted by our master chocolatiers, it's a treat you won't want to miss.

Inside this indulgent advent calendar, you'll find a variety of mouthwatering delights, including 7 luxurious 90g chocolate bars, a milk hot chocolate caddy for cozy winter nights, a box of 10 bonbons for a burst of flavor, 4 irresistible 45g caramel chocolate bars, 4 delectable gianduja terrines, coated nuts for a crunchy surprise, a praline box with 18 heavenly treats, a gift box of orange slices for a citrusy twist, 2 sea salt discs for a touch of savory goodness, orangettes for a zesty treat, and a heavenly combination of hazelnut and hazelnut spread.

The exact content value of this advent calendar for 2022 is not disclosed, but rest assured, it's worth every penny. Treat yourself or a loved one to this ultimate chocolate experience and make the countdown to Christmas even more delightful. Don't miss out on the 2022 Melt London Advent Calendar - order yours today!