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Man Crates Advent Calendar

Man Crates Advent Calendar

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Introducing the ultimate savory treat for jerky enthusiasts - the Man Crates advent calendar! Packed with 25 tantalizing jerky flavors, including the fiery ghost pepper, zesty chili lime, and mouthwatering General Tso, this gift is perfect for those who crave savory delights. But let's be honest, this is a present that will bring joy to anyone's taste buds. Get ready to savor the adventure with 25 delectable beef jerky bits!

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Introducing the Man Crates advent calendar 2023! This holiday season, treat yourself or a loved one to a daily dose of delicious meats. Say goodbye to boring countdowns and hello to a month's worth of savory snacks. From Garlic Beef to Root Beer Habanero, these jerky bites will fill your stomach with holiday cheer. Not only do they taste amazing, but our custom artwork ensures that they look just as good. Make your Christmas countdown a chow-down with the Jerky Advent Calendar! Please note that the exact value of the foodie advent calendar content has not been disclosed.

The Man Crates Advent Calendar Contains

Introducing the Man Crates Advent Calendar, a must-have for beef jerky enthusiasts. This advent calendar is filled with 25 tantalizing beef jerky bits, each weighing 0.5 oz. With a wide range of flavors to satisfy every palate, including Classic, Black Pepper, Garlic, Habanero, Honey Bourbon, Root Beer, Whiskey Maple, Root Beer Habanero, Ghost Pepper, Sesame Ginger, Chili Lime, Sriracha, Orange Habanero, Birch Beer, Sarsaparilla, General Tso, Lemon Pepper, Thai Satay, Cajun, and Teriyaki, this advent calendar is sure to bring joy and excitement throughout the holiday season. The content value of this advent calendar is not disclosed, adding an element of surprise to each day's jerky discovery. Don't miss out on this unique and delicious advent calendar experience.