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Magic Advent Calendar 2024

Magic Advent Calendar 2024

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Introducing our Magical Advent Calendar! This enchanting calendar is sure to captivate children and divert their attention from their phones. Each day reveals an amazing magic trick to learn, and once all the doors are opened, they'll have a complete magic set to use forever. Plus, we've included a convenient drawstring bag to keep everything safe and tidy. Our specially designed magick tricks are perfect for kids and easy to learn, and they'll have a full-color magic guide book with step-by-step instructions to help them master each trick.

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Magic Advent Calendar 2023:
The Magic Advent Calendar is a fantastic way for kids to learn and enjoy magic tricks. Each day, they will discover a new trick to learn and impress their friends and family. The accompanying full-color magic guide book provides step-by-step instructions for each trick, making it easy for kids to learn and perform. By the end of the calendar, they will have a complete Magic Set that they can use over and over again. The included drawstring bag is perfect for keeping all the tricks safe and organized. Designed specifically for kids, the tricks range in difficulty, ensuring that there is something for everyone. This calendar is ideal for children over 6 years old who love playing with family and friends. It offers a new and exciting gift every day leading up to the holiday season. The contents of the calendar are not disclosed, but rest assured, they are valuable and exciting. Unfortunately, there are no promo or discount codes available for this calendar at the moment. Keep an eye out for its release on Amazon soon.

The Magic Advent Calendar 2024 Contains

Introducing the 2022 Magic Advent Calendar! Unveil the enchantment of the holiday season with 24 days of mesmerizing magic tricks to discover and master.

Inside this captivating advent calendar, you'll find an array of spellbinding surprises. Delve into the world of illusion with 'The Magic Coin Box' and amaze your friends with 'Mind Reading Cards'. Experience the thrill of 'Where is the ten of spades' and 'The Cards Change Place', and elevate your magic skills with 'The Professional Magic Card Box'.

Prepare to be astounded by the 'Amazing Christmas Prediction' and have a jolly time with 'Bouncing Snowmen Babies' and 'The Snowmen Trick'. Engage in a game of 'Xs and O's Prediction' and challenge yourself with 'You Just Can't Get it Right!'. Discover the secrets of 'The Magic Mirror' and explore the wonders of 'The Coin Disc'.

Unleash your inner magician with 'Music Prediction' and 'The Money Cup'. Leave your audience in awe with the 'Magical Illusion Card' and make objects appear with 'Appearing Red Hanky'. Witness the magic of 'The Coin Saucer' and get dizzy with 'Dizzy Arrows'. Test your observation skills with 'Paddle Movement' and 'Spot the Difference'.

Become a 'Human Calculator' and embark on a 'Never Ending Story' of enchantment. Unveil the mystery of 'The Magical Dropper' and embark on a quest to 'Find Santa'. Experience the thrill of 'The Mystery Tube' and get twisted and turned with 'Twisted & Turned'. Finally, unveil the grand finale with the 'Mystifying Production Box'.

Please note that the content value of this extraordinary advent calendar is not disclosed, adding an element of surprise and wonder to your magical journey.

Unlock the magic of the holiday season with the 2022 Magic Advent Calendar. Order now and let the enchantment begin!