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Home Alone : The Official Advent Calendar

Home Alone : The Official Advent Calendar

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Get into the holiday spirit with this interactive advent calendar 2024 inspired by the beloved film, Home Alone. Join eight-year old Kevin as he defends his home against bumbling burglars with a series of clever traps. This calendar features a pop-up tree, 24 paper ornaments showcasing the film's most memorable moments, and a bonus booklet of Kevin's misadventures. It's the perfect gift for fans of this timeless classic and is built to last for years of holiday fun.

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The Home Alone: The Official Advent Calendar 2023 offers a delightful experience for fans of the holiday classic. This interactive calendar features a pop-up tree as its centerpiece, with each day revealing a paper ornament that represents a memorable moment from the film. These ornaments can be used to decorate the tree, creating a unique holiday centerpiece. Additionally, the calendar includes a bonus booklet detailing Kevin's misadventures. Countdown to Christmas by unveiling a new ornament each day in December and witness the pop-up tree come to life. Each collectible ornament is inspired by an iconic scene from the movie, such as the McCallister's lawn jockey statue or Harry's gold tooth. Please note that the content value for the kid advent calendar is not disclosed.

The Home Alone : The Official Advent Calendar Contains

Introducing the Home Alone: The Official Advent Calendar! Unveil the magic of the holiday season with 24 hidden ornaments waiting to be discovered. Create your very own one-of-a-kind holiday centerpiece that will surely captivate your guests. Stay tuned for more information about this incredible calendar - we promise to reveal all the exciting details soon! The content value of this advent calendar is currently undisclosed, but rest assured, it will be worth every moment of anticipation.