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Hatchimals Advent Calendar

Hatchimals Advent Calendar

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Introducing the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Advent Calendar! Unveil over 50 surprises tucked away behind 24 miniature doors, offering a delightful surprise every day – including rare characters! Unfold your advent calendar to reveal a charming winter landscape adorned with adorable pop-up snowmen, festive trees, and more! Uncover exclusive characters, nests, accessories, and other treasures as you open a door each day! With every new addition, you can expand your enchanting 3-D holiday scene.

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The Hatchimals advent calendar for 2023 is filled with excitement! Unfold it to reveal a beautiful winter scene straight from Hatchtopia. Each day, you'll uncover over 50 surprises that will help you build your very own Christmas scene. It's a fun twist on the classic Christmas tradition. The specific value of the toy advent calendar contents has not been disclosed.

The Hatchimals Advent Calendar Contains

Introducing the Hatchimals Advent Calendar - the perfect addition to your holiday celebrations! Unfold this magical calendar to reveal a winter wonderland straight from Hatchtopia. With an impressive collection of over 50 surprises, you can create a festive scene day by day. Experience the joy of the holiday season with a delightful Hatchimals twist!

Inside this advent calendar, you'll find 10 adorable Hatchimals Colleggtibles, along with 21 charming accessories to enhance your holiday scene. Get creative with 10 punch-out sheets and 16 sticker sheets, allowing you to personalize your winter wonderland. Plus, discover 5 cozy nests to complete the Hatchimals experience.

The exact value of the content in this advent calendar is not disclosed, but rest assured, it's packed with delightful surprises that will bring joy to your holiday season. Don't miss out on this enchanting Hatchimals Advent Calendar - a must-have for any Hatchimals enthusiast!