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Escape Room Puzzle Advent Calendar

Escape Room Puzzle Advent Calendar

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Experience the thrill of an Escape Room game with the Escape Room Advent Calendar. Solve puzzles piece by piece to become the hero of the story and make your escape. This jigsaw puzzle is not only a fun family activity but also offers long-term health benefits and mindful moments. It's the perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas.

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The Escape Room Puzzle advent calendar for 2023 offers an exciting experience where you can enjoy the thrill of an Escape Room game in the form of puzzles. To become the hero of the story, you must solve the final puzzle and make your escape. This advent calendar is perfect for both adults and kids aged 10 years and up.

The calendar provides numerous benefits, including quality family time, improved mental health, and mindfulness. Jigsaw puzzles also make great gifts for birthdays or Christmas.

This year's advent season will be as thrilling as an Exit Room game. Instead of escaping from a physical room, you will face a challenging puzzle in 24 different rooms. Your mission is to uncover the tragic story of Captain Pitt Schmitt's submarine, VEGA, which sank near the Bermuda Triangle. By exploring different underwater areas during daily dives over 24 days, you must locate the top-secret records of the marine researchers. Each day, you will need to solve a riddle to determine which diving area to explore next. Your ability to combine, imagine, and be creative will be crucial in uncovering the secret of VEGA within the given time frame.

Please note that the content value of the Kids advent calendar for 2023 has not been disclosed.

The Escape Room Puzzle Advent Calendar Contains

Introducing the Escape Room Puzzle Advent Calendar! Unveil the excitement of each day leading up to Christmas with this incredible toy advent calendar. Packed with an array of mind-boggling challenges, it includes 46 puzzle cards, a magnifying glass for deciphering solutions, tracing paper for intricate designs, 3 decoding disks for unraveling secrets, 10 geometric puzzle elements to test your spatial skills, a captivating puzzle to solve, string for added creativity, and even noctilucent paint for a touch of enchantment. Discover the hidden content value of this advent calendar and embark on a thrilling journey of mystery and fun!