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Disney Nuimos Advent Calendar 2024

Disney Nuimos Advent Calendar 2024

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Get ready for the ultimate Disney nuiMos 2024 advent calendar, perfect for all Mickey and Minnie fans! This limited edition collector's item features 2 adorable plush toys and 10 winter and Christmas-themed accessories. Dress up your new plushes with a variety of festive outfits like snowman costumes, cozy jumpers, and stylish ski suits. Designed for both children and adults, this Disney advent calendar guarantees high-quality and vibrant costumes for a truly unique and magical holiday experience. Don't miss out on our special offer - use promo code "GET30OFF" to enjoy a fantastic 30% discount!

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Introducing the Disney nuiMOs Advent Calendar 2023! Join Mickey and Minnie on a 12-day journey filled with exclusive plush toys and Disney fashion accessories. Whether you're a nuiMOs collector or simply want to experience the magic of Disney, this limited edition calendar is perfect for taking your pocket friend with you wherever you go. It's a must-have for both children and adults who love all things Disney. Each box is perforated and numbered, and the outfits and accessories are designed to fit all nuiMOs plushies. The plushies themselves measure approximately H 20 x W 12 cm. This product is created for Disney Store and is available in limited quantities. Get ready to discover the full content of this calendar in the SPOILER tab. Who is this advent calendar for? It's perfect for boys and girls who adore the enchanting world of Disney, especially Mickey Mouse and Minnie fans. It will inspire their creativity and imagination as they create new stories and dress up their little plush friends. Get ready for a magical Christmas experience. The content value of this Advent Calendar 2023 is a surprise. Don't miss out on the Disney nuiMOs Advent calendar 2023, available now on Shop Disney. Use the promo code "Get 30% off" to enjoy a discount on this and other Advent Calendars.

The Disney Nuimos Advent Calendar 2024 Contains

Introducing the 2022 Disney nuiMOs Advent Calendar! This special calendar includes 2 adorable Disney nuiMOs Mickey and Minnie plush toys, along with 10 accessories to enhance their style.

The term "nuiMOs" is derived from the combination of the Japanese words "nuigurumi" (plush) and "moderu" (model), representing the perfect blend of cuddliness and fashion.

Each box in the advent calendar is perforated and numbered, adding an element of excitement as you open each day. The outfits and accessories included in this calendar are designed to fit all the little Disney nuiMOs plushies, ensuring endless possibilities for mix-and-match fashion fun.

The plushies themselves measure approximately H 20 x W 12 cm, making them the perfect size for cuddling and displaying.

Created exclusively for Disney Store, this advent calendar is part of the Disney nuiMOs small plush collection, guaranteeing its high quality and authenticity.

While the specific contents of this advent calendar are not disclosed, you can expect a delightful surprise behind each door, adding joy and magic to your holiday season.