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Dior Exception Advent Calendar 2024 Luxury Fragrances, Soaps

Dior Exception Advent Calendar 2024 Luxury Fragrances, Soaps

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Introducing The Trunk of Dreams: Experience the opulence and indulgence of the Dior Exception Advent calendar. Encased in a lavish wooden structure adorned with a cotton canvas, this ultra-premium edition showcases Pietro Ruffo's exquisite sketches and unveils the Christian Dior Private Collection. Open the 24 numbered drawers to discover a treasure trove of 24 perfumed creations, including perfumes, soaps, and candles, with an exceptional surprise awaiting you on the final day. Crafted by the skilled artisans at La Maison Franc, this majestic luxury Advent calendar is available in an ultra-limited edition, each box numbered for exclusivity. Mark your calendars for early November when this extraordinary advent calendar will be released.

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Introducing the Dior Exception Advent Calendar 2023! This luxurious box is perfect for those who appreciate high-end fragrances and want to experience an exceptional Advent. Designed by artist Pietro Ruffo, the calendar features the iconic Dior boutique at 30 Avenue Montaigne on a sumptuous wooden box. Inside, you'll find 24 fragrant surprises from the Christian Dior Private Collection.

Each drawer is numbered from 1 to 23 and contains a unique creation from the Christian Dior Private Collection. But the real treat awaits you on the last day with drawer number 24. Inside, you'll discover a perfumed ornament of the Eau Noire fragrance, paying homage to the original creations of perfumer-creator Francis Kurkdjian.

This majestic limited edition calendar goes beyond a simple beauty advent calendar. It includes 12 fragrances, 4 candles, and 4 soaps, allowing you to explore a unique selection of creations from the Christian Dior Private Collection. The craftsmanship of La Maison Franc is evident in the design of this object, making it a true work of art.

The Dior Exception Advent Calendar is perfect for beautistas, skincare and makeup enthusiasts who want to pamper themselves with luxurious beauty products. Not only will you delight in the wonderful packaging, but you'll also enjoy the delightful fragrances that will make you feel fresh, soft, and beautiful every day.

The value of the products contained in this beauty Advent calendar is not disclosed, adding an element of surprise and excitement to each drawer. Unfortunately, there are no available promo or discount codes for this advent calendar at the moment. However, for all orders over 100€, you will receive a free travel size Dior gift. Additionally, Dior offers free delivery and returns on all orders.

Mark your calendars! The Dior Exception Advent Calendar 2023 will be available from early November. Don't miss out on this opportunity to indulge in the luxury of Dior fragrances and experience an extraordinary Advent.

The Dior Exception Advent Calendar 2024 Luxury Fragrances, Soaps Contains

Introducing the 2022 Dior Exception Advent Calendar, a luxurious beauty collection featuring a selection of soaps, candles, and perfumes from the prestigious Christian Dior Private Collection.

Indulge in the exquisite scents with 8 perfumes in 7.5 ml bottles, including Vanilla Diorama, Bois d'Argent, Jasmin des Anges, Spice Blend, Rouge Trafalgar, Sakura, La Colle Noire, and Eden-Roc. Experience the captivating fragrances of 4 perfumes in 40 ml bottles, such as Gris Dior, Lucky, Ambre Nuit, and Oud Ispahan.

Create a cozy ambiance with 3 scented candles in 85 g sizes, featuring Figue Méditerranée, Ambre Nuit, and Thé Osmanthus. And don't miss the centerpiece of this collection, a 250 g scented candle adorned with a magical Christmas design inspired by 30 Montaigne.

Pamper yourself with 3 50g solid soaps from the Christian Dior Private Collection, including Lucky, Ambre Nuit, and Oud Ispahan. Plus, enjoy the luxurious 100g solid soap in the iconic Gris Dior fragrance.

Complete your candle experience with 3 accessories designed specifically for the La Collection Privée Christian Dior candles, including a lid, base, and snuffer. And as a special bonus, receive the La Maison Franc ornament scented with the enchanting Eau Noire fragrance.

Please note that the exact value of the contents in this advent calendar has not been disclosed.