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Clementoni Crazy Chic Advent Calendar

Clementoni Crazy Chic Advent Calendar

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Get ready for the perfect holiday look with the Clementoni Cosmetics Advent Calendar 2024. This exciting calendar is designed for children aged six and up, and it's packed with beauty accessories that will make Christmas and New Year's Eve extra special. From trendy adhesive tattoos to glamorous jewelry and makeup, this calendar has everything you need to create a variety of stunning looks. Don't miss out on this wonderful pre-Christmas season experience. Get your Clementoni Crazy Chic Advent Calendar 2024 now and enjoy exclusive discount codes and news. Join us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter for even more exciting updates.

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Introducing the Clementoni Crazy Chic (18673) Advent Calendar 2023! This advent calendar is perfect for girls who love fun and surprises. With its eye-catching pink color, it adds a touch of excitement to the holiday countdown. If your daughter enjoys makeup, she's in for a treat with this calendar.

Featuring the perfect crazy chic style, this advent calendar offers a delightful surprise behind each window. From makeup to jewelry, it includes special surprises that will keep your child fashionable throughout the holiday season. With items like jewelry, makeup, tattoos, and other accessories, your child will have something new to discover every day leading up to Christmas.

Not only is this calendar filled with exciting surprises, but the box itself is also a valuable jewelry box. It provides a stylish and practical way to store all the creations your child will make with the included accessories.

Overall, this advent calendar is a set of wow effects that will entertain little girls in a creative way. While the exact content value is not disclosed, you can be sure that it will be filled with high-quality items that your child will love.

The Clementoni Crazy Chic Advent Calendar Contains

Introducing the 2021 Clementoni Crazy Chic (18673) Advent Calendar! This must-have advent calendar for kids is filled with 24 doors of exciting surprises that will make any girl's heart skip a beat. From make-up to tattoos, jewelry to accessories, this calendar has it all in a fabulous crazy chic design. Inside, you'll find 2 nail polishes, 1 lipstick, 6 eyeshadows with a palette, 8 glossy lip glosses, a comb, a necklace with a brooch, 4 2D chic dolls to style, and tattoos. Plus, the box itself doubles as a jewelry box, adding even more value to this amazing advent calendar. Get ready for a month of fun and glamour with the 2021 Clementoni Crazy Chic Advent Calendar!