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Cannacoffee Advent Calendar 2024 12 Cbd Organic Coffee Pods

Cannacoffee Advent Calendar 2024 12 Cbd Organic Coffee Pods

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Experience a unique holiday tradition with our award-winning cannacoffee advent calendar. Each day, indulge in stress-free holiday sipping with our precision-infused single origin 100% Arabica coffee from Santos, Brazil. This sweet, smooth, and nutty blend is complemented by chocolate notes, creating a truly delightful flavor profile. Our CBD coffee pods contain 48mg of hemp-derived CBD, providing a perfect balance of relaxation and focus. Plus, our coffee is organic certified and vegan friendly, ensuring a guilt-free and enjoyable experience. Elevate your holiday season with our extraordinary Advent calendar.

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The Cannacoffee Advent Calendar for 2023 offers a stress-free and relaxing holiday experience with its 12 Days Of Holiday Chill pods. It is perfect for adults and coffee lovers who appreciate high-quality and organic products. Infused with 4mg of hemp, these arabica bean capsules create a smooth and nutty cup of coffee with a hint of chocolate. The calendar will be released soon on Selfridges, and the content value of the calendar is not disclosed. Currently, there are no available promo or discount codes for this advent calendar.

The Cannacoffee Advent Calendar 2024 12 Cbd Organic Coffee Pods Contains

Introducing the 2022 Cannacoffee Advent Calendar! This exclusive coffee advent calendar features 12 premium Brazilian organic coffee pods infused with CBD, creating a delightful blend with hints of chocolate. Each pack contains 1% CBD, providing a dosage of 4mg per serving. With a maximum daily dosage of 70mg, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD without exceeding recommended limits. Our CBD is sourced from seeds and mature stalks, ensuring a THC level of 0%. Experience the perfect combination of coffee and CBD with our Cannacoffee Advent Calendar.