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Best Of British Beer Advent Calendar

Best Of British Beer Advent Calendar

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Celebrate the festive season with our Best of British Beer advent calendar! Packed with 24 craft beers from independent British microbreweries, this calendar offers a delightful variety of cool lagers and deliciously dark stouts. It's the ultimate gift for beer enthusiasts, ensuring a merry and hoppy holiday season.

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The Best of British Beer advent calendar for 2023 features the Best of British Beer Lager Advent Cube, which includes 24 different bottles and cans of high-quality lagers from independent breweries in Britain. The calendar comes fully assembled and has a separate push-out window for each day. Some of the outstanding breweries included in the calendar are Freedom in Staffordshire, Magic Rock in Huddersfield, Tynebank in Newcastle, Fire Island in South Wales, Wrexham in North Wales, Williams Bros in Scotland, Firebrand in Cornwall, and Thornbridge in Derbyshire. The full content of the calendar can be discovered in the "CALENDAR CONTAINS" tab, and the value of the contents is not disclosed.

The Best Of British Beer Advent Calendar Contains

Introducing the 2020 Best of British Beer Advent Calendar! This carefully curated collection includes a variety of premium British beers for you to enjoy throughout the holiday season.

Inside this advent calendar, you will find a selection of top-quality brews from renowned breweries such as The Welsh Brewer, Backyard Brewhouse, Tomos Watkins, Freedom, Titanic Brewery, Fire Island, William Bros, Box Steam Brewery, Lancaster Brewery, Baa Brewing, Wrexham Brewery, Holts Brewery, Thornbridge Brewery, Windsor & Eton Brewery, Stonehouse Brewery, and Keltec Brewery.

Indulge in a range of flavors, from the rich and fruity Cherry Dark and Chocolate & Vanilla Stout to the refreshing Freedom Lager and Pale Ale. For those with dietary restrictions, we've also included gluten-free options from Fire Island.

Each beer comes in a convenient 330ml or 500ml bottle, ensuring you have the perfect amount to savor. Please note that the content value of this advent calendar has not been disclosed, adding an element of surprise to your beer-tasting experience.

Don't miss out on this exceptional collection of British beers. Order your 2020 Best of British Beer Advent Calendar today and elevate your holiday celebrations with the finest brews the UK has to offer.