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Beer Hawk

Beer Hawk Advent Calendar

Beer Hawk Advent Calendar

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Introducing the UK's renowned Craft Beer Advent Calendar! The Beer Hawk Advent Calendar 2024 is a must-have, featuring 24 exceptional beers crafted exclusively for you, sourced from 14 countries. Each day brings a new beer, brewed specifically for this calendar, along with fascinating stories from 24 brewers worldwide. Accompanied by an immersive tasting and discovery experience, this calendar promises a Berry Christmas with 24 days of unique beers, recipes, and breweries to explore.

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The Beer Hawk advent calendar for 2023 is a craft beer advent calendar that includes 24 craft beers from around the world and of various styles. It is designed to help you discover new tastes and enjoy a Beery Christmas with Beer Hawk's signature beers. This advent calendar has been created to share the taste of beer and provide a unique and tasty experience. It features a brand new selection of beers exclusively brewed for this calendar, including lagers, amber ales, brunettes, hops, and roasts, all in a specific order to create an astonishing taste adventure. Get ready with your beer mug and enjoy the 100% Beer Advent Calendar filled with 24 beers. The calendar is ideal for all beer lovers and connoisseurs who appreciate the flavors of hops and moss. It is eagerly awaited, commented on, and appreciated by beer enthusiasts. The advent calendar offers a unique and generous selection of 24 different beers, providing a real beer tasting experience. To make the experience even more enjoyable, there is an online assistant available to provide additional information each day. The contents value of this advent calendar is not disclosed, and there is currently no discount code available. However, there is an introductory offer to save £10 and free UK delivery from Beer Hawk.

The Beer Hawk Advent Calendar Contains

Introducing the 2022 Beer Hawk Advent Calendar! This carefully curated selection features the finest brewery collections and a wide variety of beers for your enjoyment.

Get ready to embark on a beer journey with 24 unique beers, each brewed exclusively for you with a minimum size of 33cl. Experience flavors from several countries, taking you on a trip around the globe. Discover the craftsmanship of 24 famous breweries, known and respected worldwide.

But that's not all! With this advent calendar, you'll also have an assistant to guide you and help you learn more about each beer every day. Expand your knowledge and appreciation for the art of brewing as you indulge in these exceptional beverages.

Among the exciting beers included in this calendar is the Nebuchadnezzar Citra Idaho 7 Imperial IPA from Omnipollo brewery. This modern remake of a classic DIPA is brewed with Citra and Idaho 7 hops, resulting in a bold and flavorful experience.

Another standout is the Deus Vivant from Bosteels brewery. This strong Belgian beer is brewed in Belgium with Belgian yeast and finished in France, giving it a lively sparkling wine feel reminiscent of another famous French drink.

Lastly, the Between the Lines from Mikkeller Brewery offers a delightful combination of peach and fruit flavors, accompanied by a bubblegum aroma. It has a medium-bodied profile with a dry grapefruit finish and a pleasant level of bitterness.

Please note that the content value of this advent calendar for 2022 has not been disclosed. Get ready to elevate your beer-drinking experience with the 2022 Beer Hawk Advent Calendar!